Martial Arts Is Not Self-Defence..

Martial Arts Is Not Self-Defence: Real World Violence Prevention.. Matt Beecroft, Guest Contributor..  Violence is bigger than all of us. Just as we will never understand people fully, we can never understand a subject as convoluted and complex as violence. Unless you’ve been exposed to a lot of violence, your training will be subjective. Most …

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Bruce Lee..

Bruce Lee.. Bruce Lee (Lee Hsiao Lung), was born in San Fransisco in November 1940 the son of a famous Chinese opera singer. Bruce moved to Hong Kong when he soon became a child star in the growing Eastern film industry. His first film was called The birth of Mankind, his last film which was …

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History: Krav Maga..

Krav Maga Was Created And Developed By Imi Lichtenfeld.. Imi Lichtenfeld..  Imi Lichtenfeld, Israeli Grand-master (1910-1998). He started it in the late 1940’s when serving as Chief Instructor of the IDF for hand-to-hand combat. As a young man growing up in Bratislava, Slovakia, Lichtenfeld was a champion heavy weight boxer, a top-level wrestler and an …

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Your Never Too Old..

It  Has Always Been Said,  Size And Age Don’t Matter In Self-Defense And Martial Art Training.. Here Are A Couple Of Videos That Prove This Saying. Please Enjoy And Be Amazed. The Way Is In The Training..

History Of Akido..

A Breif History of Akido.. Aikido’s founder, Morihei Ueshiba, was born in Japan on December 14, 1883. As a boy, he often saw local thugs beat up his father for political reasons. He set out to make himself strong so that he could take revenge. He devoted himself to hard physical conditioning and eventually to …

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History Of Judo..

The History Of Kodokan Judo.. by Keo Cavalcanti Judo had its origin in the ancient Japanese art of jujutsu, a system of hand-to-hand combat. The bushi of feudal Japan (samurai) are usually credited for developing jujutsu (at their time the art was known as Yoroi kumi-uchi, a grappling method for fighters fully clad in Japanese armor). …

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History Of Chinese Kung Fu

Chinese Kung Fu.. Kung Fu, an ancient sport popular in China, has a very long history, during which a variety of skills were created and massively improved. Originated from the hunting and defense needs in the primitive society (over 1.7 million years ago – 21st century BC), it at first only included some basic skills like cleaving, …

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